The Sun Valley Ski Club was founded by W.A. Harriman in 1936, the same year the resort opened. The club was established not only for the enjoyment of its members, but also to host races at the new resort. The first race was the Sun Valley International Open, which attracted the top skiers from around the world. This race later became known as the Harriman Cup and continued to be one of the top races in the world. The SVSC also organized a number of other races for both its junior and senior members nation-wide.

In 1966, the SVSC held its first Ski Club Week as a reunion for its pre-war members. This annual tradition continues to attract members from around the world, who return to Sun Valley and join in with locals for an activity-filled week of races, cross-country tours, and social events.

Also, in 1966, the club established the Ski Education Foundation for its junior race program. Over the years, this foundation has achieved an unsurpassed level of excellence, placing many skiers on the U.S. National Team, and has now become an independent organization.

The club continues to hold year-round training, Nordic and Alpine skiing, racing, summer outings, and social events.

Original SVSC Constitution

To encourage proficiency and enjoyment of skiing and other winter sports with their attendant relaxations;

To promote good fellowship:

To encourage the construction and maintenance of ski tows, ski lifts, and all such labor saving devices;

To appreciate comfortable accommodations, good food and drink and by all other means to take advantage of the beauty of the mountains in winter or at any other time.